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Aspect Ratio
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New Stock Tyres in Glasgow at Best Fit - For all Cars, vans, and light commercial vehicles

Tyres Glasgow

Our friendly service helps you to get your new tyres fitted and checked at the very best price

At Best Fit we have helped thousands of customers over the years to get their vehicle's tyres repaired, replaced and serviced by trained mechanics at down-to-earth prices.

Our Glasgow service and MOT centre stocks a wide range tyres for all cars, light commercials, taxis and vans.

We provide tyres at prices that are much less than major competitors - there is no need to pay High-Street prices for your vehicle tyres.

We have a full range of supplies and services to help you:

  • Get the right tyres for you at the best price
  • Have your tyres professionaly sourced, serviced and fitted for maximum safety
  • Find out what tyres issues are important for your safety and how to identify
    them for yourself

What your tyre markings mean


205 / 55 R16 91V

Tyre width is the first number of the markings shown on your tyre and gives the width of the tyre in millimetres when it is measured from one sidewall of the tyre to the other. The example here of 205 shows that the tyre is 20.5cm wide when looking at them from the front or back of the vehicle.

Aspect Ratio

205 / 55 R16 91V

The next number following the '/' is the aspect ratio and this value gives the ratio of the tyre's cross-section to it's width in percentage terms. The tyre here therefore has an aspect ratio of 55 meaning that it's height from the side, or profile, is 55% of it's width.

Construction Type

205 / 55 R16 91V

The next letter in your tyre's marking tells you the Construction of the tyre and how the tyre was manufactured. This letter will either be an 'R' for radial construction or a 'D' for a diagonal or ply construction, and in the example here the type is 'R' for a radial construction tyre. Radial construction is used for about 98% of all tyres and diagonal/ply construction tyres are typically only used for spare tyres or light vehicles.

Rim Diameter

205 / 55 R16 91V

The number immediately following the construction value is the Rim Diameter of the tyre and measures the daimeter of the wheel that the tyre fits in inches. In the example here, the tyre has a rim diameter of 16 and so will fit a 16-inch wheel rim.

Important safety information about your tyres

Tyre tread and pressure are the main areas which need close attention in order to keep your vehicle legal and safe.

Your tyre's minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, and the tyre must have this tread depth across the centre 3/4 of the tread area and all around the tyre, however 3.0mm is recommended for safety.

Tyres also need to be pressurised and maintained close to the manufacturer's specifications otherwise your vehicle may experience further problems.

These the most common tyre issues that our customers ask us about:

Tread wear

The simplest way to check the wear of your tyre's tread is to insert the edge of a 20p piece into the tread across the width of the tyre. If you can still see the edge then your tyres may well be below the 1.6mm legal limit.

Tyre Pressure

Over or under inflated tyres reduce your vehicle's performance and cause the tyre to wear out quicker, and can also lead to accidents. We always ensure that all our customer's tyres are always properly pressurised and balanced.

Warning signs

If you find that your vehicle is becoming more difficult to steer, is less responsive in wet weather, or less quick in stopping, then your tyres may well need to be checked to make sure that they are safe, properly pressurised and balanced.

Fuel Efficiency

Tyres that are not properly pressurised or balanced make the vehicle work harder and use more fuel, increasing vehicle wear. If you suspect that your vehicle is becoming less fuel-efficient then it is advisable to have your tyres checked properly in order to also prevent further wear-and-tear on your vehicle's parts.

Tyre Punctures and Replacement

Many tyres that are punctured can be safely repaired and there is also no need to buy 4 new tyres every time you need one or more replaced. However, some puncutres cannot be safely made and if 1 or more tyres are needing replaced, then it may be more cost-effective to replace another to achieve a better balance. Our mechanics will be able to adivse you on the safest and most cost-effective option here.

Wheel balance

Many performance problems can be treated and avoided with a proper and accurate tyre pressure balancing and wheel alignment. Our mechanics use the Hoffman 3D alignment system to ensure the best possible balancing of your tyres and lower your running and maintenance costs in future.

Our Tyre Supplies

At Best Fit we provide tyres at prices that are much less than major competitors - there is no need to pay High-Street prices for your vehicle tyres.

Our tyres are at wholesale prices and our Glasgow service and MOT centre stocks a wide range of sports, prestige, executive, quality, and budget tyres for all cars, light commercials, taxis and vans.

Servicing your Vehicle

We also provide our customers with a full range of tyre services so that they can be sure that their tyres are properly and safely fitted.

Best Fit Glasgow MOT Service Station

Our Tyre Service Station

Our service station provides tyre services for a wide range of vehicles right in the centre of Glasgow and surrounding areas, and we carry a large range of tyres to ensure that we can supply the exact tyres that you need.
Once we have checked your tyre sizes, our expert mechanics use modern computerised equipment to ensure that your new tyres are fitted to the highest standard and without damage to your wheels.

Our staff can align also your tyres using our 3D computer wheel alignment system and will also fit and repair any tyres you while you wait, but you can also leave the vehicle and pick it up at your convenience if that is more suitable.

Best Fit Glasgow MOT Service Station

We always carry a wide range of tyres to suit all vehicles and always offer our customers the best price on all our services. Please feel free to conact us for any further information or prices that you might require.


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